Cheap Air Jordan 13 Retro “Oregon Ducks” PE Lucky Green AR4390-313

Cheap Air Jordan 13 Retro “Oregon Ducks” PE Lucky Green AR4390-313Cheap Air Jordan 13 Retro “Oregon Ducks” PE Lucky Green AR4390-313


2020jordanshoes a senior Sneakerhead, there will be more or less "sneaker occupational diseases". Watching people's feet first has become a must-have skill for shoe fans. Even when watching a video, both eyes will open the Sherlock Holmes mode to find the elements of sneakers that appear in movies, TV shows or MVs. Speaking of which, CLOT x fragment design x Nike Air Force 1 appeared in the music video of Zhou Dong’s new song "Mojito" some time ago, so that we can see his love for "black silk". But to talk about the focus shoes that basketball fans are looking for in the video clips recently, the Jordan Centre Court that appeared in the Jordan documentary "The Last Dance" has also become a rare shoe memory for many people watching movies.Since entering the Chinese market through Air Jordan 12 in 1997, Jordan Brand has left a deep impression on Chinese consumers. It is well known that at that time, for a pair of sneakers, the price of 4 digits of Renminbi will undoubtedly make many ordinary families shut out. With the rapid economic development, the price of sneakers has become something that most of us can afford. And as we know, when an item begins to become within reach, its own charm is gradually dimmed. Therefore, Jordan Brand, who has Michael Jordan, a live signboard, has also staged a continuous wonderful drama for us to keep the brand fresh. In addition to the trial-and-error mood line, in this fiercely competitive situation, Jordan Brand never lacks topics.
Affected by Air Jordan 13 such as Hip-Hop, fashion, street and other fields, Jordan Brand's way of expanding the circle is smooth and smooth, and it has also become an existence rooted in culture. At the same time, as mentioned by the author above, under such a trend of business competition, Jordan Brand also realizes that relying solely on fan consumption is not enough. Constantly attracting young consumers is the king of making money. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to imagine why the brand has attracted trendy bigwigs in different fields such as Travis Scott, Edison Chen, Aleali May, etc., and is constantly expanding its business empire lineup. The popular design is an important part, but the super high popularity that comes with them is the first cooperation element that the brand looks at. At the same time, the pronouns such as silk, barb, and stolen powder have become topics that we cannot avoid in our brains. These are the best evidence of Jordan Brand's youth.
AR4390-313 you want to capture more audiences, it is not enough to capture some young groups. Through the collaboration with major street designers, it is a part that we cannot ignore. Before becoming the design director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh has collaborated with Nike and Jordan Brand to create the "The Ten" project. With the good response of the product, Virgil's design career also opened the "open mode". At the same time, the appearance of Virgil also allowed Jordan Brand to begin to accept the charm from the street. Several street artists have been teamed up and down to create familiar works such as Kaws x Air Jordan 4 and Just Don x Air Jordan 2. This approach also reflects that Jordan Brand has found a balance between the two in terms of product professionalism and fashion, and made a successful choice. After all, most consumers now buy products without looking at their professional performance. They are cool enough to attract attention and they can make them glad to pay.What surprises us even more is that Jordan Brand has also begun to try to get in touch with the fashion field, and has begun to establish a new tone in the minds of consumers. In the author's impression, it is the emergence of Supreme x Louis Vuitton that officially broke the boundaries between fashion and street or sports. With the intensification of this trend, we are also fortunate to see PRADA for adidas and Dior x Air Jordan 1 which has officially started drawing lots yesterday. Prior to this, such explosive joint names were still the objects in our imagination. With the success of constantly enveloping young consumers, Jordan Brand also saw the importance of cross-border. In addition to the innate basketball genes, the brand also wants to show us a more diversified side. It is precisely because of the various cases mentioned above that we remember a brand new Jordan Brand.